Marketing, Printing, Web & Digital Menus

I was called to help and re-design there image. There was a lot of problems when I got there. The store didn’t look appealing and there marketing material didn’t help either so I went to work to develop a new image to help them create a new identity.

There logo didn’t have color flow so we went with traditional Italian colors so they can be recognized has a Italian Pizzeria. (Red, Green & Yellow). You can see the finish logo below. Next Stop was the menu there was no flow within plates it will jump from pizza to soda then back to pasta. There pizza guy is top notch if you happen to be by the area drop by and pick up a slice. Corrina’s Pizza Menu came out looking like no other in Homestead.


The Owner wanted to have a site that was easy for anyone to browse in a computer, tablet or phone that will respond to the user screen size so we went with a responsive site. Here the customer can browse the site and find what they desire to eat on any platform. Plain and simple.

DIgital Menu Boards

When we got there was no menu or special in the store front that was bad, because being inside a gas station and located in the back customers wouldn’t see what they had to offer.  So we installed 3  50″ TV’s side to side to attract customers to the back of the store.  Within a month sales went up 20% due to the fact that customers now knew they were there. Plain and simple…

Thanks for Skyzign are sales are up 50% since November 2015 and we're breaking record every week since the grand opening. Update 4/3/2016

Ramiro (owner)